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Becky & Sam 

Growing up, Sam's intelligence, creativity, and quirky sense of humor were obvious to everyone around him - but so was his struggle in school.


Diagnosed with AuADHD as a child, he was held back by a learning environment that didn't nurture his unique strengths and talents.

His older sister, Rebecca, couldn't help but notice this disparity. She saw firsthand how her brother's exceptional mind could be harnessed to solve complex world problems. 

Over time, Rebecca came to realize that Sam's experience was far from unique.


Many young people with neurodivergent minds like Sam's were struggling to thrive in a system that wasn't built for them. So she decided to take action.

And FutureTech was born.

Brother and sister looking in different directions. Sister has arm around brother.

Rebecca McCash

Founder & CEO

Born in Scotland, Rebecca was always acutely aware of the injustices that exist in the world.

At 9 years old Rebecca founded an Endangered Animals Awareness group in her primary school. She loved to write and competed for Scotland in the World Cheerleading Championships at 14 years old.

The same year, Rebecca was rushed to hospital with blood sugar levels so low she was at risk of slipping into a coma. During this admission she was diagnosed with anorexia. 

The severity of her illness resulted in her missing a year of school, and the challenges relating to recovery and reintegration led to her developing a deep depression and suicidal ideation.


When well enough, Rebecca became a Young Ambassador for UK eating disorder charity, Beat where she spoke in Holyrood (Scottish Parliament) advocating for the BMI requirement for anorexia diagnosis to be removed.

Rebecca went on to study social science and social care before moving to Sydney, Australia in 2016. There, she began working in the disability sector, providing support and advocating for those who needed it most. She worked as a disability support worker, support coordinator, recovery coach, and inclusion consultant before founding FutureTech in 2021.

FutureTech is Rebecca's life mission. She wants to inspire the minds of the future and ensure that neurodivergent young people realize their potential to make the world a better place. As a member of Catalyst 2030 and SECNA, Rebecca is passionate about using her voice and experiences to make the world a better place for neurodivergent young people - so that they can make a better world for everyone.

In 2022 at the age of 26, Rebecca was diagnosed with AuADHD, further cementing her drive to advocate for neurodivergent young people. As well as her role at FutureTech, she works as a Project Officer for Autism Spectrum Australia's Autism Friendly Team, providing consultancy to a diverse range of organizations to help design and implement autism-friendly events, programs, and initiatives.

Rebecca's story is a truly powerful one, and she feels deeply grateful for the opportunity to share it with others. To enquire about Rebecca's availability for media appearances, please use our Contact Us form and select 'I'm from the Media'.

Connect with Rebecca 

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