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FutureTech Term 2 - Space

This term's theme at FutureTech was Space. We were lucky to be joined by Astrophysicist, Dr Dimitri Douchin from Blue Moutains Stargazing for a fun interactive workshop that took our students to explore Space, learn about our Solar System and how to navigate using the night sky!

We wrapped up our term with a visit to Sydney's Powerhouse Museum, where we were given a special tour of their Space Exhibition. We were very lucky to be given

this tailor-made Autism Friendly tour by experienced and passionate Powerhouse staff.

We learned about different satelites and the history of Space Exploration. We even got to try our a Spacecraft landing simulator - which went down a treat with our gaming loving students!

We leared about how astronauts live when they are on Space Stations. Did you know that they can't shower when they are living on Space Stations because they water would go everywhere!

We were able to check out the Museum's 'Zero Gravity Machine' that moves around you while you stand inside - making you feel like there is no gravity!

Bec didn't go inside, she felt she might be sick!

After our tour, we explored the other exhibitions in the Powerhouse. Experimentations was the obvious favourite!

Experimentations is an interactive exhibition where visitors can tinker and experiment with different objects, like magnets, energy and machines.

Our students had an amazing time visiting the Powerhouse, and learning about Space in Term 3. A huge thank you to the Powerhouse museum staff, our amazing mentors, and Dr Dimitri for an amazing term of learning and fun!

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