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About FutureTech

FutureTech is a vision of a world made better and richer by everyone in it

We celebrate diversity in all it's forms. We understand that the problems we face today cannot be solved without it.

Our mission is to inspire the minds of the future. Tomorrow's world changers need our support  today.

‘My younger brother is Autistic and has ADHD. He also happens to be the coolest, most intelligent, brilliant  - and at times annoying! - young man I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

I have always wanted to change the world. To shake it up and find better ways of doing things.

Unfortunately, growing up I quickly realised that I didn't have the answers to all of the complex problems I observed in the world.

This encouraged me to look beside me at this epic brother who had so much to offer, but seemed to be missing out on the opportunity to do so. Education, employment, social opportunities and even relationships seemed to be inaccessible to Sam. So my new life mission became to unpack why people like my brother were often left behind despite their incredible minds. And then to fix it. 

These are the most fiercely intelligent and passionate people you could ever hope to meet, and we aren’t just letting them down; we’re wasting them.

They deserve better, and the world deserves more than to miss out on what they can give us.'

Rebecca McCash FutureTech Founder


FutureTech has at its disposal a range of workshops designed to allow our participants to

discover and develop their skills and passions within a social environment designed for them


We’re here to build the future, and this time,

we’re building it for everyone.


Rebecca McCash, FutureTech Founder

Sam McCash, FutureTech Inspiration

Meet The Team


Rebecca McCash

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FutureTech Founder and CEO

Rebecca founded FutureTech in hope to empower tomorrow's world changers. She has worked in the disability sector for 6 years across education, training, employment, support coordination and recovery coaching. Rebecca's passion for true inclusion, social change and 'rocking the boat' makes her an excellent leader for the FutureTech team.


Jessica Simpson

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Senior Mentor and Educator


Jess is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science at Macquarie University. She has huge love for chemistry and biology and enjoys learning and discovering the new technological advances that help in scientific advancement. Jess has a passion for making STEM more accessible for everyone, and through programs like FutureTech, she feel this can be achieved.


Shae Ingram

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Senior Mentor and Educator


Shae has always had a great passion for all things STEM, as well as a strong desire to help and teach people. She is currently studying Aerospace Engineering and enjoys that she can combine her skills in STEM with her experience as a support worker to teach and inspire FutureTech participants.


Nick Davenport

Senior Mentor

Gaming and Platform Design

Nick has been with the FutureTech team for a number of years, and brings multiplayer gaming and passion for gaming into the FutureTech social sessions. Nick loves to share games, socialise with participants, and help others understand how to express their creativity in virtual worlds.


Jack Davenport

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Senior Mentor and Educator

Programming, Tech Support and Platform Management

Jack is currently studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at Macquarie University. After years of service, he brings his passion for technology to every session and aims to share that passion with participants and help them to reach their full potential through programming. He also loves socialising with participants and helping them express their creativity.

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