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Autism Social Groups in Sydney

If you're searching for enriching experiences for your child or teenager that blend education and fun seamlessly, our team is here to help. We work to nurture curious minds, enhancing STEAM knowledge, and facilitating social connections. 


We run our in-person programs from Seaforth Village Community Centre, Seaforth.


For those across Australia who would prefer an online program, we also have a Discord-based program

Students in a Science Class

Workshops for young innovators

At FutureTech, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. Our workshops are designed to captivate young minds and spark their interest in a variety of STEAM subjects. From the realms of chemistry and physics to robotics and art, we offer a comprehensive range of programs. 

Three young women gathered around a laptop. One is holding a robot and they are all looking at the computer.

New social connections 

Our programs provide the perfect platform for participants to forge friendships while engaging in shared special interests. We understand that making new friends can be difficult for those on the autism spectrum, that’s why our team is trained to provide a supportive and fun environment.  

Happy Bowling Kids

Exciting events and excursions

We don’t just provide educational workshops; we create opportunities for your child to be out and about. Our excursions are planned to offer participants the chance to explore the cultural, scientific, and natural locations in Sydney. From museums to parks, each outing is an opportunity for hands-on learning and fun.

Parent testimonial

Group of FutureTech staff and participants standing in front of the t-rex skeleton at the Australian Museum.

“You are all doing an incredible job with such passion! Thank you for changing his world for the better!”

FutureTech Parent, Sydney 


What age group do your programs cater to? 

We generally cater to those ages 8 - 18 years but are happy to accommodate your child’s needs.

What if my child has other disabilities? 

We understand that autistic children may have other disabilities such as ADHD or other developmental disabilities. We are a strength-based autism program and put the emphasis on your child’s ability rather than disability. 


We aim to provide a supportive and accessible environment for everyone regardless of their disability.

Where to find us

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